Hyperforce Has Lift Off

Hyperforce Has Lift Off

| Marketing Technology

It's time for the next major Salesforce platform migration. Hyperforce has been around for several years, and now existing customers will get the benefits.

Salesforce are in the early stages of another major platform migration. This one is purely a backend change, but Salesforce admins should still check for any customisations that may break when they are migrated to the Hyperforce infrastructure.

The migration from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning feels like it happened only yesterday. Yet, it actually wrapped up three years ago. For many Salesforce admins, the total revamp of the Salesforce UI was highly disruptive, even if users didn't really share that pain. Yet, no sooner was the Lightning migration complete then Salesforce started the countdown to their next major platform migration.

The new Hyperforce architecture was announced in 2020, and is part of a plan to shift Salesforce infrastructure onto public cloud services such as AWS. That has significant cost benefits to Salesforce, as well as allowing more flexibility in where Salesforce instances are hosted. That's not to say that Salesforce are closing all their first party data centres, they're not. Some products and regions still haven't been made available on the Hyperforce architecture. The vision is that the majority of Salesforce users will have been moved to public cloud hosting within the next couple of years.