Marketo Supercharges Dynamic Chat

Marketo Supercharges Dynamic Chat

| Marketing Technology

Adobe have been promoting Marketo Dynamic Chat for years, yet its limitations hampered adoption. Has its time finally come?

Adobe have announced a major product update for Dynamic Chat, the often ignored chatbot feature within Marketo. The update finally gives Adobe a viable conversational marketing product, that will interest Marketo users without an alternative chat solution.

Adobe have been heavily promoting the Dynamic Chat capability within Marketo for a while. They see it as an important upsell for users of the Marketo platform. It was rolled out to all instances last year. However, adoption of Marketo's conversational marketing capabilities has been limited by a restricted feature set.

Perhaps the most significant limitation has been the lack of live chat. At the moment, Marketo Dynamic Chat can only be used to create chatbots, which means that it's often ignored in favour of an all-in-one chat solution. Many brands look to include the option of live chat with LDRs as part of their conversation flows. A purely bot-based chat solution simply isn't flexible enough, even for marketing, as it can't cover bottom of funnel use cases.