Salesforce debuts Generative AI at Dreamforce

Salesforce debuts Generative AI at Dreamforce

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Salesforce launched a new AI assistant at Dreamforce, as well as an enhanced data cloud. Will this help them retain their lead in Enterprise AI?

At Dreamforce, it was Salesforce's turn to launch an AI assistant. In many ways, CoPilot is similar to the products launched by their competitors, but it does introduce some additional use cases for Generative AI.

Salesforce have long been at the forefront of the AI trend. For years, they've been gradually embedding their Einstein AI capabilities across all aspects of their product portfolio. Indeed, activating the various Einstein features within Sales Cloud is an excellent way for midsize companies to get started with AI. There has been a sense though that some of their recent talk about AI is more about bandwagoning on the buzz around Generative AI buzz rather than about delivering effective product solutions. Dreamforce did a lot to dispel that notion.

The Generative AI hype has slowed in recent weeks, due to concerns about accuracy and security. Businesses have introduced strict guidelines around its use in order to guard against potential data leaks. Meanwhile, well publicised discussions about the risk of hallucinations have led to consumer mistrust.