New Deliverability Requirements for 2024

New Deliverability Requirements for 2024

| Marketing Operations

Google and Yahoo have introduced strict new email sender guidelines that marketers will have to follow. Are you ready for these changes?

Google and Yahoo have announced new guidelines for high volume email senders. The changes are merely enforcing existing best practices, but do check the configuration of your marketing automation platform.

Getting marketing emails into the inbox has always been difficult. Marketers are collateral damage in the ongoing battle between email providers and ever increasing volumes of spam. Each year, additional deliverability protections are introduced for legitimate bulk email senders to differentiate them from spammers.

In 2024, those guidelines required to get emails delivered will get stricter. Google and Yahoo recently announced updated deliverability guidelines for anyone sending emails to mailboxes hosted on their platforms. As part of this, companies sending more than 5,000 emails per day will have much stronger guidelines to follow than other senders.

The new email deliverability guidelines cover both B2B and B2C marketers, as they affect anyone sending to business email hosted by Google Workspace, as well as consumers with Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. The aim is to guard against spoofing, which is the common spammer tactic of sending emails in the name of your boss or another senior executive at your employer.